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  1. To copy and paste the delta sign, click on the button above. Alternatively, select the symbol printed above, then press Ctrl+C to copy. Switch over to where you need it and press Ctrl+V to paste
  2. First select the symbol then you can drag&drop or just copy&paste it anywhere you like. Alt-Codes can be typed on Microsoft Operating Systems: First make sure that numlock is on
  3. Copy the delta symbol in the above table (it can be automatically copied with a mouse click) and paste it in word, Or. Select the Insert tab. Select Symbol and then More Symbols. Select the delta symbol tab in the Symbol window. Finding specific symbols in countless symbols is obviously a waste of time
  4. Xi or Csi (uppercase Ξ, lowercase ξ) is the 14th letter of the Greek alphabet and it has the value 60 in the Greek number system. In both ancient and modern languages, the letter is pronounced as ksi. The csi/xi came from the Phoenician language sāmek, which meant fish. Samekh or Simketh is the 15th letter of the Phoenician alphabet
  5. Copy and paste Greek alphabet letters like Alpha (α), Beta (β), Gamma (γ), Delta (δ), Epsilon (ε), Zeta (ζ), Eta (η), Theta (θ), Iota (ι), Kappa (κ), Upsilon (υ), Sigma (σ) and Omega (ω) in just one click

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You can copy Greek Small Letter Alpha by pressing the copy button below. The alpha symbol is usually simply referred to as alpha, which is actually called beginning (the beginning of the alphabet). It is the first letter of the Greek alphabet. Incidentally, the associated capital letter looks exactly like the Latin capital A. Often the α sign is used in conjunction with the angular reference in the geometry To type directly with the computer keyboard: Type e=, e== to get ё, э. Type zh, ch, sh (ou z=, c=, s=) to get ž, č, š : ж, ч, ш. Type w for šč : щ. Type x for h, for example: sx to get сх. Type q after the vowel to add an acute accent (for Russian's learners Looking to change text font through use of special letters for online copy pasting? Write your text in the field above and see it's letters converted with fancy fonts. Looking for any specific fancy letter? Draw a symbol or letter to find it using tell.wtf AI tool. If you're just exploring what fancy letters there are - keep scrolling. Delta (uppercase Δ, lowercase δ) is the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet. In the Greek numeral system, it has the value of four. Originally, the letter delta derived from daleth (the Phoenician letter), which meant door. So, at the beginning, the letter D was drawn as a gate or a door. The capital letter looked alike as the Phoenician's Alt + click a button to copy a single character to the clipboard. You can select text and press Ctrl + C to copy it to your docu­ment. In your target document, press Ctrl + V , or, if you want to paste the text without formatting, try Ctrl + Shift + V

Use the shortcode section to copy the CSS entity code for the Greek Small Letter Delta. You can only add content :before or :after an element: Here is the example: // CSS entity code example .addSymbol:after { content: ' \03b4 '; } // The HTML <div class=addSymbol> Greek Small Letter Delta </div> 6 easy ways to insert the delta symbol writing greek letters on the puter greek letters generator cool text inserting special characters symbols alpha symbol in greek alphabet Α α. Greek Alphabet Letters Symbols To Copy And Paste. Greek Letters Vector Art 2 290 Downlo. Ben Greek Alphabet Clip Art At Clker Vector 1000+ images about ALPHA DELTA Order customized, screen printed or 36KB 452x358: Alpha Delta Pi Clip Art Lion Head Mascot Clipart ClipArtHut 9KB 245x238: 762 best images about Alpha Alpha Delta Pi Rocking Chair 75KB 736x925: Alpha Delta Pi T Shirts Custom Alpha Delta Pi T 7KB 190x210: 762 best images about Alpha Alpha Delta Pi Mother Daughter 64KB 736x825: Alpha Delta Pi Vector Downloa

Switch over to wherever you need the symbol, whether in MS Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, and press Ctrl + V to paste. This is how you may copy and paste the Alpha sign using the Character Map on Windows. 5. Using Insert Symbol Dialog. This approach isn't as straight forward as the shortcut methods. But it's fairly simple Det grekiska alfabetet utvecklades under klassisk tid (omkring 800-talet f.Kr.) och används för att i skrift uttrycka det grekiska språket. Dess bokstäver användes ursprungligen också för att beteckna siffror och tal, och de har med tiden även kommit att användas för en rad andra syften: som matematiska symboler, namn på stjärnor och så vidare 958 ξ xi 959 ο Omicron 960 π pi 961 ρ rho 962 ς sigma (slutet av ordet) 963 σ sigma (någon annanstans) Here are the lower case letters: 945 α alpha 946 β beta 947 γ gamma 948 δ delta 949 ε epsilon 950 ζ zeta 951 η eta 952 θ theta You can copy and paste the character or you can enter the alt code Copy and Paste the Delta Symbol a very quick and clean way to get the delta symbol in Excel is to copy it from somewhere else. It can be a delta symbol that you have already inserted into the worksheet, or you can copy it from a web page. Below are the steps to insert the delta symbol (solid triangle/arrow symbol) in Excel using a keyboard.

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You can copy Greek Small Letter Beta by pressing the copy button below. Here is the second letter of the Greek alphabet. By the way, you pronounce the β sign the way you write it. The beta sign is currently used in geometry to denote an angle. But it is also used in physics as a sign of beta radiation. You can copy the beta symbol by pressing the copy button below Here is a massive list (categorized of course) of emojis, symbols, Unicode characters, and pretty much everything else you would need to spruce up your essays, articles, and projects! Just copy and Our new mobile-friendly web app provides a simple, beautiful emoji copy and paste keyboard interface WITH search and auto-copy technology

Cool Text Fonts. Hello! This is a generator for text fonts of the cool variety. I noticed people were trying to find a generator like fancy letters, but were ending up on actual font sites rather than generators of copy-paste text like this one. So currently this is basically a duplicate of the above, but I think I'll try to collect a few more cool text fonts, like the old enlgish one, and. Greek alphabet letters and symbols. Greek alphabet letters & symbols. Greek alphabet letters are used as math and science symbols Simply copy the delta symbol from this practical tip and paste it into Word or Open Office. This also works in Notepad, Wordpad and other office applications: ∆ Write 2206 and then press the key combination [Alt] + [c] to get the delta symbol GREEK CAPITAL LETTER ALPHA : alpha: 003B1: GREEK SMALL LETTER ALPHA: greek small letter alpha : and: 02227: LOGICAL AND: GREEK CAPITAL LETTER DELTA: greek capital letter delta : delta: 003B4: GREEK SMALL LETTER DELTA: greek small letter delta : diams: greek small letter xi : Zeta: 00396: GREEK CAPITAL LETTER ZETA

Copy and Paste the Delta Symbol. A very fast and neat way to get the delta symbol in Excel is to copy it from another place. It could be a delta symbol that you have already inserted in the worksheet or you can copy it from a webpage. Below is the delta symbol that you can copy and paste in Excel. Δ Changing the Font to Symbo Terms such as alpha, bravo, charlie, delta, echo, foxtrot and the like are a result of this system used to ensure accurate communication of language. The characters and pronunciations were first created by the International Civil Aviation Organization in the 1950s to streamline communication so that transmissions came across as clearly and as efficiently as possible

Instructions for hand-writing the letters of the Greek alphabet are given below. Each letter is given in its capital form on the left, and lowercase form on the right. When the Greek letter is identical to some Roman one (even if the Greek letter stands for a different sound) no instructions are given, assuming the reader knows how to draw the Roman letters Note. Click on the virama, called halant in Hindi (diacritic in the center) to delete the inherent vowel a.. example: जन्म (janma: birth) is written with 4 characters ज न ् म ( ja + na + virama + ma) Instructions. To type directly with the computer keyboard: Use the capital to type the letters subscribed with a dot below: T, Th, D, Dh, N, R, Rh, L, Subscript symbol is a copy and paste text symbol that can be used in any desktop, web, or mobile applications. This table explains the meaning of every subscript symbol. Just click on the symbol to get more information such as subscript symbol unicode, download subscript emoji as a png image at different sizes, or copy subscript symbol to clipboard then paste into your favorite applicatio

Watch this video Biblical Greek Alphabet Pronunciation to learn how the letters should be pronounced.. Upper case appears in the beginning of a paragraph, direct speech, proper names, geographical locations and names of nations If you're observant, or maybe not, you will realize that this editor has 3 results of which only the second you can read and understand its contents easily because this although not Chinese letters are letters that have a Chinese style and the third will show result of Chinese letters in circles, each time I see them I remember waits dragon dragon Ball Z, the serial I used to watch about 20. \u0391 Α Greek Capital Letter Alpha \u0392 Β Greek Capital Letter Beta \u0393 Γ Greek Capital Letter Gamma \u0394 Δ Greek Capital Letter Delta \u0395 Ε Greek Capital Letter Epsilon \u0396 Ζ Greek Capital Letter Zeta \u0397 Η Greek Capital Letter Eta \u0398 Θ Greek Capital Letter copy and paste this URL into your RSS.

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Translingual: ·(mathematics, sciences) Alternative form of ∆: change in a variable· (chemistry) Used on the reaction arrow in a chemical equation, to show that energy in the form of heat is added to the reaction· (mathematics, set theory) Used to represent the symmetric difference (also known as the disjunctive union) of two sets. Devanagari to Latin converter. This Hindi Keyboard enables you to easily type Hindi online without installing Hindi keyboard.You can use your computer keyboard or mouse to type Hindi letters with this online keyboard. Pressing Esc on the Hindi keyboard layout will toggle the mouse input between virtual QWERTY keyboard and virtual Hindi keyboard. The key will also turn on/off your keyboard. You can copy and paste delta symbol in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint or use alt codes. If you want to use the delta sign symbol in HTML documents use HTML code. List of alt codes for delta signs. Symbol Description Alt Code HTML Code; ƍ: Latin Small Letter Turned Delta: 397 ƍ Δ: Greek Capital Letter Delta: 91

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Sigma (σ, ς):There are two forms for the letter Sigma. When written at the end of a word, it is written like this: ς. If it occurs anywhere else, it is written like this: σ. Upsilon (υ):In the above table, we suggest that you pronounce this letter like u in put.The preferred pronunciation is actually more like the German ü as in Brücke, or like the French u as in tu You can also do a merge of Andrew and Bucic answers if you know the name of the letter (for example delta) and you are in Writer. What you must do is: Write your text/formula and instead of the symbol use the name preceded by a %. For example: Hello this %DELTA is the uppercase delta symbol. Select the symbol/formula Reference space & time, mechanics, thermal physics, waves & optics, electricity & magnetism, modern physics, mathematics, greek alphabet, astronomy, music Style sheet. These are the conventions used in this book. Vector quantities (F, g, v) are written in a bold, serif font — including vector quantities written with Greek symbols (α, τ, ω).Scalar quantities (m, K, t) and scalar magnitudes. The help on inserting Greek letters and special symbols is also available in Help menu. Typing Greek letters with Keyboard Shortcuts To insert Greek letter type Ctrl+G ( Command G on Mac OS ) and then type Latin letter mentioned in the table below

How to type ε Greek Small Letter Epsilon symbol from keyboard?. To type the ε using the keyboard you can the Alt code from the shortcode section. Here are the two simple steps to type the ε using Alt code from your keyboard. Make sure you switch on the Num Lock from the keyboard and you type the number from the Numpad and not from the top row of the keyboard ᐈ Symbols Copy and Paste 1000+ Cool Text Symbols Best website for symbols copy and paste Welcome to symbolscopyandpaste.com, which is the best symbols copy and paste website, here you will get all kinds of symbols, text emojis and text symbols for copy and paste which you can use in any of the platforms

Produce a random alphanumeric string from the English alhpabet or any other alphabet of your choosing (custom input). The alphanumeric strings can be from any alphabet (German, French, Spanish, Russian, etc.). The random string generator can produce random alphanumeric strings of any required length and is helpful for randomly generating tokens for a raffle U+03C4 copy and paste. This code point first appeared in version 1.1 of the Unicode® Standard and belongs to the Greek and Coptic block which goes from 0x370 to 0x3FF.You can safely add this character in your html code with the entity: τ You can use the u+03C4 copy pc button below Python 3.x: small greek letters are coded from 945 to 969 so,alpha is chr(945), omega is chr(969) so just type print(chr(945)) the list of small greek letters in a list Theta symbol θ (Windows, Word, Mac, Alt code) Greek letter; Alpha symbol α (windows, mac, in word, Excel, Keyboard) Uses; Omega symbol Ω ω (definition, in Word, excel, alt code, Mac) Delta Symbol Δ δ (Windows, Copy and Paste, Excel, Mac

To insert the alpha, beta, gamma and delta letters in a Word document, you have different ways:. I. Using the Symbol font: This method is very useful when you need to insert symbols rarely and it works only for Latin or Greek letters.. Anytime, when you type the text in the Word document, you can switch to the Symbol font and use the corresponding Latin letters to enter Greek letters Learn the LaTeX commands to display the greek alphabet. A rendered preview of all letters is shown alongside all commands in a nice table Copy & Paste. Transliterate. Use the Keyboard Selector. Entering Hebrew Text. Entering Greek Text. Add System Keyboards . Copy and Paste. You can work with original language words without having to type at all. Right-click the word or phrase you want to copy. Select the phrase or the form of the word you want to copy in the left pane of the.

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Of course, you probably know that is alpha and is beta, but unless you took the relevant science and math classes, or you're a dedicated scrabble player, you probably didn't know that is rho or is xi. This really is an opportunity to both learn what the Greek letters are called and be quicker when typing them First select the symbol then you can drag&drop or just copy&paste it anywhere you like. Alt-Codes can be typed on Microsoft Operating Systems: First make sure that numlock is on, Then press and hold the ALT key, While keeping ALT key pressed type the code for the symbol that you want and release the ALT key. Unicode codes can not be typed With newTX you also have the possibility of getting upright lowercase Greek letters. Here's how to do it; I also added the possibility of typing \uvec{\alpha} . Please, be aware of the fact that the argument of \uvec must be a single Latin character (not \i or \j , which are unnecessary and illegal for the macro) or a single Greek symbol

The simple truth is that the basic Western character set on computers does not include a character for the Greek letter phi. The only basic ASCII character that comes close in appearance to Phi Φ is the letter O with a stroke through it, or Ø. As a result, Ø has been masquerading as Φ since the early days of computer usage Use Character Map, Alt code or copy and paste. Q3. How to write Degrees Celsius? Use keyboard shortcut - Alt + 8451 or use insert symbol option of Word, Excel. Q4. How to insert Degree Mark on iPhone and iPad? Tap cursor in the text box and go to numeric keypad, tap and hold 0 key. A pop up will show the option to insert 0 or °symbol. Q5

This page lists the characters in the Greek and Coptic block of the Unicode standard, version 13.0. This block covers code points from U+0370 to U+03FF Phi (uppercase/lowercase Φ φ), is the 21st letter of the Greek alphabet, used to represent the ph sound in Ancient Greek.This sound changed to f some time in the 1st century AD, and in Modern Greek the letter denotes the f sound. In the system of Greek numerals, it has a value of 500.The Cyrillic letter Ф came from Phi. In English, φ is pronounced like f but transliterated (re. Here you can perform matrix multiplication with complex numbers online for free. However matrices can be not only two-dimensional, but also one-dimensional (vectors), so that you can multiply vectors, vector by matrix and vice versa In order to copy/paste part of the text from a pdf file you're saying you have to Save the file as TIFF files. Combine the TIFF files as a new PDF file. Run OCR on the new PDF file. That's crazy. I just copied and pasted your comment into this reply and we should be able to do the same thing in a pdf document that has already had the OCR ran on

Arrow Symbols. Get all Arrow symbols ↑ → ↓ ← ↝ ↺ and alt code for arrow symbol. You can copy and paste arrow symbols from the below list or use alt codes to insert up, down, left and right arrow text symbols in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint To insert a letter, use either the code name or the code number. For instance, if you want to insert the Greek capital letter alpha (Α), use either the code name α or the code number Α. The following table provides a reference to inserting Greek capital letters in your web pages. The table also shows how a browser renders each letter Some other category of Greek Alphabet Letters:. It consists of 24 letters; Greek letters start with alpha and end with omega; It is present in both forms, classic and modern > Uses of Greek Letters Due to the extensive use of Greek letters for various purposes, the popularity of this language has been increasing gradually

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Hi quintonv,As mentioned, you are getting gibberish text when copying and pasting text from pdf, it seems the issue seems to be the font related.If the fonts of PDF don't have Unicode tables and do not use standard encoding for mapping the glyph indices to characters then you get garbage characters during copy/paste.Also, there is a possibility the fonts used to create the PDF file are not. Do not miss the best fonts for one of the great classics, Star Wars. Let the fonts accompany you! Ready to personalize and share in Facebook and Twitter

Infinity is something we are introduced to in our math classes, and later on we learn that infinity can also be used in physics, philosophy, social sciences, etc. Infinity is characterized by a number of uncountable objects or concepts which have no limits or size. This concept can be used to describe something huge and boundless. It has been studied by plenty of scientists and philosophers of. Simple chart displaying special characters like copyright, registered, trademark, degree type signs, the html for it and the alternate keys you have to type to get i The Greek letter alpha (α) is used in math as a variable. The capital Greek letter (Α) is visually very similar to the Latin Capital Letter A. Refer to the Latin Capital Letter A for how the symbol appears in math

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Many letters from the Greek alphabet are used as constants within equations and formulas. Π, Θ , as well as α, β, θ and the like are widely used and seen seen representing the values or constants for a variety of values. The roots of the usage of Greek letters comes from the earliest philosophers like Aristotle, and Diophantus and others This Amharic Keyboard enables you to easily type Amharic online without installing Amharic keyboard.You can use your computer keyboard or mouse to type Amharic letters with this online keyboard. Pressing Esc on the Amharic keyboard layout will toggle the mouse input between virtual QWERTY keyboard and virtual Amharic keyboard. The key will also turn on/off your keyboard input conversion You can enter Greek letters or symbols (such as Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma, Omega, Pi, Sigma or Theta) in Microsoft Word documents in several ways. In this article, we'll look at different ways to insert Greek symbols Thus, in a sequence of unspaced letters, the appropriate alphabetic indicator must be used before each letter. (Greek uncapitalized alpha) (Greek uncapitalized alpha, beta, gamma) When the letter is capitalized, the capitalization indicator must be placed between the alphabetic indicajtor and the letter

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Note that final letters have the same value as their non-final counterparts. The numerical value of a word is determined by adding up the values of each letter. The order of the letters is irrelevant to their value: the number 11 could be written as Yod-Alef, Alef-Yod, Hei-Vav, Dalet-Dalet-Gimel or many other ways You can copy and paste this text into email or use it in your Facebook and Twitter status updates, YouTube comments, etc. Bold and italics are often used to emphasize a point. Bold text can also be used to help structure larger bodies of text, for example, to denote a subject, heading, or title Copy & Paste. Transliterate. Use the Keyboard Selector. Entering Hebrew Text. Entering Greek Text. Add System Keyboards . Copy and Paste. You can work with original language words without having to type at all. Right-click the word or phrase you want to copy. Select the phrase or the form of the word you want to copy in the left pane of the. Copy and Paste Symbols. smileys July 12, 2013 at 2:11 PM i ♥ ur website! it helps so much. Reply

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Quickly copy and paste Unicode whitespace characters — and learn how and when to use them. What are whitespace characters? Whitespace characters denote the empty space between all the characters you can actually see.They have width (height if you're writing vertically), some special rules, and not much else Unicode Font Converter - Fancy Text Styles to Copy. Enter your text in the input field above or click the random text button and see your phrase converted instantly to more than 60 unicode font styles. Click the one you like the most to copy it to your clipboard The Character Map utility is free on all Windows machines and can be used to copy and paste accented letters and other foreign language characters characters into any Windows application. The Character Map is similar to the Insert Symbol tool found in some Windows applications such as Microsoft Word.. To open the Character Map utility: Click on the Start (Windows Icon) menu in the lower left. A somewhat simpler approach involves using the Paste Special, Multiply command. In any version of Excel, enter the number 1 in a blank cell and then copy that value to the clipboard. Next, select the range of values stored as text, right-click, and choose Paste Special, Multiply, and then OK. You can then clear 1 from the worksheet cell

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Copy and Paste Symbols 3000+ Text symbols ヅ ♫ ★ to copy and paste on any social network or chat app. ıllı ᑕOᑭY ᗩᑎᗪ ᑭᗩᔕTE ᖴOᑎTᔕ ıllı Symbol Help. Press Alt with the appropriate letter. For example, to type ä or å, hold Alt and press A once or twice.. Stop the mouse over each button to learn its keyboard shortcut. Shift + click a button to insert its upper-case form. Alt + click a button to copy a single character to the clipboard.. You can select text and press Ctrl + C to copy it to your docu­ment The Unicode / Alt Code symbols on this page are free to copy and use in your documents. Simply copy the symbol of your choice from the screen and pasted it onto your document. Certain symbols may not be compatible with all operating systems and may not appear on your document as they appear on this screen Xi. The fourteenth letter of the Greek alphabet xi (ξι) is written as Ξ in uppercase and ξ in lowercase. The symbol is used to denote the Riemann Xi and Harish-Chandra functions and cascade particles among other things. On a side note, it is also used to represent units of the cryptocurrency Ether. Omicro

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Copy and Paste Standard Deviation symbol. One of the easiest ways to get any symbol on any PC is to use the copy and paste method. All you have to do is to copy the symbol from somewhere like a web page or the character map for windows users, and head over to where you need the symbol then hit Ctrl+V to paste 3. Use the key combination Ctrl V on your keyboard to paste the copied text. 4. To make changes to the text you will first need to highlight it. 5. Color can be changed in the Materials Palette. In this example, the fill and the outline color will be made the same by right-clicking and then left-clicking on the dark blue Greek alphabet, writing system developed in Greece about 1000 BCE that became the ancestor of all modern European alphabets. Derived from the North Semitic alphabet, the Greek alphabet was modified to make it more efficient and accurate for writing a non-Semitic language. Learn more about the Greek alphabet here

Lower case Greek letters can be specified by using names instead of hexadecimal constants. Example: unicode alpha. Upper case Greek letters can be specified by using names followed by _u instead of a hexadecimal constants. Example: unicode alpha_u. Superscript and subscript have special abbreviations. Examples: sup 2 and sub 2 Quick Start Instructions on using MyEconLab with JAWS 12, 13, and 14 To work on assignments in MyEconLab with JAWS, follow these steps to turn on th

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Emoji Meaning A pig, a plump animal farmed for its meat, such as bacon. Depicted in light pink in full profile on all fours facing left, with a long snout and short, curly tail. May b Copy definition of selected object to the Input Bar: F4 F4: X: F4: Copy value of selected object to the Input Bar: F4 Alt + F4: X: X: Quit GeoGebra F5 F5: X: F5: copy name of selected object to the Input Bar: F9 F9: X: X: X: F9: Recompute all objects (including random numbers) Enter Enter: X: X: X: Enter: Toggle input between Graphics View and. Google Fonts is a library of 1052 free licensed font families and APIs for conveniently using the fonts via CSS and Android. We also provide delightful, beautifully crafted icons for common actions and items

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The Golden Ratio: Phi, 1.618. Golden Ratio, Phi, 1.618, and Fibonacci in Math, Nature, Art, Design, Beauty and the Face. One source with over 100 articles and latest. To get Greek letters in Inkscape, go into text mode and type Ctrl+U and the 4-digit unicode for the desired Greek letter. (See this. I would like to insert an hat accent on bold letters/symbols in math mode. For latin letters, e.g. the q char, I insert this commands in my preamble \newcommand{\paramhat}[1]{\boldsymbol{\hat{\te..

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That same SIGMA in its capital form can stand for sum, while the letter DELTA can mean change. Greek letters are used to designate fraternities, sororities, and philanthropic organizations. Some books in English are numbered using the letters of the Greek alphabet. Sometimes, both lower case and capitals are employed for simplification μ letter is very popular in different domains of science. E.g., μ symbol designates a population mean in statistics, coefficient of friction or magnetic permeability in physics, and micron or micrometer in measurement. There are several ways to quickly insert any Latin or Greek letter into a Word document. In this tip were proposed some of the most useful techniques for micro sign or mu letter This means that if you copy-paste the formula that uses C$3, the row would not change, but the column can change. Here is a good article that goes in-depth about the mixed cell references in Excel. Summary. A dollar sign means that the part of the cell reference before which it has been used is anchored or fixed

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Pi Symbol. The pi symbol (π) is a mathematical sign which is also used in Greek letters. There are several ways to display a pi symbol using HTML and unicode. You can either copy paste or use the pi code in your document Paste the copied content into a new document. You can open a program like Microsoft Word on your computer if you'd like. You can also just create a new Google Doc—click the File menu in Google Docs, select New, and choose Document to do so. To paste the copied content, right-click the typing area and select Paste Get the free General Differential Equation Solver widget for your website, blog, Wordpress, Blogger, or iGoogle. Find more Mathematics widgets in Wolfram|Alpha Your question is confusing to me. First of all, you must know that you will paste multiple values automatically if you first copy multiple values. If you multi-select cells and Copy them, when you select the cell where you want the copy to be and.

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