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TradingView. EN. TradingView. Launch chart See ticker overview Search ideas Search scripts Search people. Profile Profile Settings Account and Billing Referred friends. Live quotes, stock charts and expert trading ideas. TradingView is a social network for traders and investors on Stock, Futures and Forex markets BNB's LMACD on the 1D time-frame is about to form a Bullish Cross. Every time this Cross has emerged after such dip while BNB is in a Bull Cycle, the price hit the next 0.5 Fibonacci extension. That is now the 2.0 level. We may see $800 before Q3 is over. ** Please support this idea with your likes and comments, it is the best way to keep it relevant and support me · TradingView for iOS The theory that bear cycles can never be as aggressive as Bull cycles on BTC is wrong. When we look at month long opportunities to get out from a long position is misleading because just because we are looking at the strength of Bull cycle candles in monthly terms, that doesn't mean that bear cycles aren't aggressive or that they can't be

cosmicnexus TradingShot @TradingShot , if you look carefully at the 1D chart for July 14-16 2017, you'll see there was a small lower side breakout of the BB squeeze that was a bit of bearish head fake, then after that the upward climb began which climaxed at the all time BTC high of app. 19,650 in mid December 2017, from which it has pulled back quite a bit TradingView Launch chart See ticker overview Search ideas Search scripts Search people Profile Profile Settings Account and Billing Referred friends Coins My Support Tickets Help Center Dark color theme Sign Out Sign in Upgrade Upgrade now 30-day Free Trial Start free trial Upgrade plan Pay nothing extra Upgrade early Get 6 months free Use last chance Get a month for $ If you haven't heard of this one before, it is because this signal is so rare. I will focus this study primarily on this (Ichimoku signal) and to a lesser extent the MA Crosses on the 1D chart. ** Ichimoku Cloud turning bullish ** As you see on the chart the roll-over/ switch on the Ichimoku Cloud since the December 2017 All Time High (ATH) has only happened three times On this analysis I compare Bitcoin's two most recent cycles: the 2014 - 2016 and the current one 2018 - 2019. What stands out is that even though they both followed the same trend line (i.e. after the peak the bear market followed, a bottom was made on the parabolic curve and then the new bull cycle gradually started), they tend to diverge at some parts, only to make contact again

We all know that BTC options expire on the last Friday of every month. See on this chart how this has been consistent with Bitcoin's every major rise since December, being around the bottom of every of those mini-phases. The first Top was on the 2.236 Fibonacci extension from the bottom. The second was on the 1.236 Fib That is the question on everyone's mind right now following Bitcoin's -50% crash from April's $65000 top. To get a better understanding I've used the 1D time-frame, comparing the current sequence to the 2019 and 2013 mid-Bull corrections and the Bear Cycles of 2018, 2014 and 2011. * The common characteristic on mid-Bull corrections is that the 1D MA200 (orange trend-line) was hit after a 1D. TradingView Tickersymbol Handelsidéer Utbildningsidéer Skript Personer Profil Profilinställningar Konto och fakturering Hänvisade vänner Mynt Mina kölappar Hjälpcenter Mörkt färgtema Logga ut Logga in Uppgradera Uppgradera nu 30 dagars gratis provperiod Gratis testperiod Uppgraderat abonnemang Pay nothing extra Uppgradera tidigt Få 6 månader gratis Use last chance Get a month for $ Bitcoin is now next to making the 0.382 Fibonacci retracement test (ATH to 3150 bear cycle Low) and one thing has shocked the crypto world more than anything. The considerably shorter time it has taken BTC to do so compared to the previous two cycles. Few expected such a strong and continuous rebound since the 3150 bottom. Is this right? Since most researchers though that market cycles take. This is the standard BLX chart used to track the candle patterns of Bitcoin from its early stages. The pattern is parabolic and that has been discussed more than enough here. What I want to emphasize most with this analysis is the support provided by the Green Zone. As soon as the price enters this Zone, Bitcoin makes a bottom, never breaks it, consolidates on the long term and slowly rises as.

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Can Bitcoin and Nikkei, a cryptocurrency and a stock index have something in common? Well not really, fundamentally they are different the market dynamics quite diverse. But as with some previous comparisons of **Bitcoin with Gold** and **Litecoin with Silver** I want to point out how investor psychology can be quite similar over very different asset classes. Common characteristics: * -80%. Bitcoin has been very volatile lately after the parabolic rise made a stop. 4H is trading on an Inverse Head and Shoulders pattern and its neckline has just been marginally crossed. This is an early bearish signal as it brings BTC face to face with a pivotal Support, the 7600 level. This is were many major Support levels cross paths creating a strong Support Zone TradingView UK. Well you can't say today's flush wasn't expected. After all the signs have been pretty clear lately and I tried to put the into context with my latest studies (see the most important of those at the end of this analysis). I do not want to get into much detail as I rarely comment on short term price action. However there are a few points that stand out and wish to bring forward. This is just a quick reference to where the alt market may be heading after Bitcoin's latest sell off. To me it is impressive how the market managed to follow a downtrend that symmetrical to the uptrend of January - June. Do you think it can go all the way down to fill the pattern? Personally I see the next symmetrical Support levels as strong candidates for the start of the next uptrend based. Due to the price difference on exchanges, a lot of the attention lately is being drawn away from what matters most. Is the worst over for BTC? Has the new bull cycle started? With this as motive, I thought it would be productive to accumulate the strongest long term bullish indicators on Bitcoin. And I have come up with a combination that has never failed on its historic price action

This pattern shows that BTCUSD is trading on its new long term support zone. Using the Ichimoku Cloud as a prime leading indicator, we can identify key trend signals and many similarities between Bitcoin's last two bear cycles (2014/15 and 2018/19). First of all the cloud's squeeze (October - December 2014 and September - November 2018) was a Sell Signal to the strong decline that led to the. According to a #tradingview top author @TradingShot, $btc #bitcoin price could fall further towards $3700 before the next bull run. Click the link to.. TradingView UK. Based on the RSI pattern (around the overbought zone) I expect a sharp increase if the 1D MA200 breaks. The same RSI pattern is seen in the past (Dec 2017 - Jan 2018 and April 2018) and on both occasions a strong rise followed (+1600% and +360% respectively). The less optimistic scenario puts the target tag at 0.00006500

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I don't want to go into much detail on this one. This is just the current volatile price action explained by the assumption that Bitcoin is trading on a symmetrical pattern. The July 2018 - December 2018 price action is close enough to be an inverse formation of the December 2018 - today formation. Their distance from High - Bottom is identical (144 as opposed to 151 days) and candle formation. Although the Fibonacci Channel says it is, since the price is currently on the support, Bitcoin's historic price action shows that the parabolic curve will continue to dictate the direction, until it breaks (either way) or becomes asymptotic. We can't yet confirm those scenarios. What we can confirm is the behavior before each Halving. Halvings tend to initiate new bull markets on BTC with. TradingView India. Pattern: Upside cross of the 1W Channel Down and 1W resistance zone of the previous Low. Signal: Bullish. Target: 1.56000 I am going to keep it simple on this one. After all Bitcoin is not a complicated asset, it follows the same patters and cycles again and again (longer term to a greater extent). So if you are into Fractal Analysis I have something for you that may be of interest. Since the December bottom we have a steady rise. Steady and not aggressive/ parabolic as BTC is still in the Accumulation Phase will. The 1D Channel Up broke yesterday, slightly to the downside. Since the December bottom similar Channel Up pattern have been broke twice. Once it was a bearish break out the other was a sideways break out (which gave way to the April 2nd aggressive jump). The RSI was too high (and I have pointed the importance of that on previous posts) and since the 88.300 High it has been descending in a.

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Well we are here finally! After 140 days of frustration and demoralizing claims for $1000 $500 or even $0, Bitcoin is finally testing the 1W Resistance. The Resistance which before the November sell-off, has been sustaining Bitcoin as a Support above the 5800 level. How important that test is? Well it's vital. Two reasons: Firstly because it meets with the MA50 which alone acts as a Resistance. This is a simple comparison pointing out the obvious. Bitcoin is close to making a Golden Cross (MA50 crossing over the MA200) on the 3D time-frame, which is generally regarded as a very bullish signal, especially on the long term. In 2016 the very same formation (Golden Cross) resulted in to the start of a new aggressive bullish wave within the Bull Cycle of the period The current Channel on S&P500 has reached the Top (1.0) of the Pitchfan on the 1D time-frame while the RSI is on a Bearish Divergence. As you see on the chart, every time a similar pattern has occurred, the hard Pitchfan trend-line (1.0 or the median) rejected the price and SPX broke even way below the 1D MA200 (orange trend-line). Is this fractal of doom something to consider This short-term fractal analysis on Bitcoin is based on a combination of MA periods with Fibonacci retracement/ extension levels. ** Before we start, please support this idea with your likes and comments, it is the best way to keep it relevant and support me. ** I have used the MA50/ 100/ 200 on the 4H chart. The price is currently rising after a Double Bottom around $11100, following a MA50.

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Sounds a bit bold but based on a combination of MA crosses and RSI action it is very likely to be true. At the start of the previous Bull Cycle in 2016, following the market's final bottom, Bitcoin made two peaks. One before the Golden Cross (MA50 over MA200) and one after. During that time the RSI hit 90.00 on the first peak and made a Lower High on the next one I have attempted to break down the current 4 month parabola into a strong sequence of patterns and what stands out is the Ascending Triangle. Before each aggressive bullish candle sequence within the Parabola, BTC consolidated roughly within an Ascending Triangle formation. When that Triangle broke upwards, an aggressive new Top was made. Assuming that each consolidation is on a -0.27%. Pattern: Channel Down on 4H. Signal: Bullish as the price is close to the Support Zone (green rectangle) of the wider 1D Channel Up marked by the 4H MA200 and the outer Higher Low trend-line. Target: 1740 initially (Symmetrical Resistance) and 1790 in extension if you want to seek more risk ** Please support this idea with your likes and comments, it is the best way to keep it relevant and. TradingView. PT. TradingView. Abrir gráfico See ticker overview Pesquisar ideias Procurar scripts Search people. I rarely use the 1H time-frame to trade, especially on the highly volatile BTCUSD, but I have to make this update as there are certain dynamics that can be highly valuable to short-term Bitcoin traders. As you see since the February 28 bottom, a Channel Up has emerged. The MA50 (blue trend-line and arrows) along with the MA100 (green trend-line and arrows) have the highest impact on a 1 month.

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  1. Shout-out to TradingShot's top TradingView Coin donor this week ==> CryptoSurfer007-----Join Tradingshot's Account Management program!! -20% monthly profit on +10000 USD accounts. Max 30% drawdown.-Message me.
  2. Donations via TradingView coins also help me a great deal at posting more free trading content and signals here !! Shout-out to TradingShot's top TradingView Coin donor this week ==> TradingView----- Join Tradingshot's Account Management program!! -20% monthly profit on +10000.
  3. TradingView India. Pattern: Channel Up on 1D. Signal: Bullish as the pattern is approaching its Higher Low and the 4H RSI is on support levels. Target: 28400 (below the 1W Resistance)
  4. This strong pull back the moment Bitcoin broke the 9000 barrier has many worried. But should we be? In this analysis I point out which levels we need to watch, and if they hold, are able to sustain the aggressive uptrend that started in early February. First we see that in the course of this Parabolic Rise, every time BTC pulled back from a peak, the Support line drawn at the base of the last.
  5. Pattern: Channel Up on 1W. Signal: Bullish on the 57.000 Support and the Channel's estimated Higher Low. Target: 77.000 (the 1W Resistance level)

Following the top three traders on Tradingview (TV) according to all-time stats, the traders Alanmasters, Excavo, and Tradingshot follow. Alanmasters has 89,657 TV followers and has published. I will keep the analysis short this time as the fractal is pretty obvious. I am comparing last week's aggressive sell-off with the one in November/ December 2018. *2018* - The sell-off started exactly in mid-November while the price was trading below the 1D MA50. - Stage 1 was the first bearish leg that took a short pause with a consolidation (first circle on the chart). - Stage 2 was the most.

Although the Fibonacci Channel says it is, since the price is currently on the support, Bitcoin's historic price action shows that the parabolic curve will continue to dictate the direction, until it breaks (either way) or becomes asymptotic. We can't yet confirm those scenarios. What we can confirm is the behavior before each Halving TradingView UK. Well you can't say you weren't aware that today's red candle was coming. All the signals were there and I tried to put them into context for you: Either with the 1D RSI - or - The 1D MA200 Today is no different and I have another indication showing why I am waiting to buy more lower ahead of the new bull cycle. On the 1W (weekly) chart, the RSI reached 58.000 every single time. Crypto traders got so caught up with Bitcoin's recent pull back on the 0.618 Fibonacci retracement level that we forgot the long term picture. Since this pull back took place on the critical 0.618 Fibonacci scale, I thought it would be a good idea to structure this analysis using this indicator. First of all we can all accept that BTC has been trading inside its parabolic growth curve Grafici, previsioni e idee di trading del trader jamaldabi22. Ottieni spunti di mercato unici nella più grande comunità di trader e investitori Graphiques, prévisions et idées de trading de trader CrypTrader31. Obtenez des connaissances uniques du marché grâce à la plus grande communauté de traders actifs et d'investisseurs

I'm going to give you your daily dose of euphoria with this idea and for that I'm going to keep it nice and short! Joking aside, this one is indeed one crazy fractal, but so far it has been playing out perfectly. On the left chart we have Bitcoin's price action in 2020/2021 and on the right chart the Parabolic Run of 2016/2017. I will not get into much detail but as you see the two sequences. This is a 1D analysis on the short term price action of Bitcoin as it prepares to test the 10000 psychological level. As we see it is trading on the neat Channel Up since April with buy signals on its Higher Lows and exits on the Higher Highs. Every time it makes a Higher High it consolidates inside an Ascending Triangle that ultimately leads to the next bullish break out ชาร์ต การวิเคราะห์และไอเดียการเทรดจากเทรดเดอร์ kittiwut รับ. Графики, прогнозы и торговые идеи от пользователя KirillNET на TradingView. Регистрируйтесь и получайте обновления каждый день 来自交易员mofa3800的图表,预测和交易观点。从全球最大的交易员和投资者社区获得独特的市场洞察力

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引用:TradingShot. TradingViewのトップアナリスト『TradingShot』は、XRPが抵抗線を上方ブレイクできる場合、「暴騰する準備ができている」と主張する。 TradingShotは、2014年12月~2017年3月と2017年12月~2020年3月の2つの下落トレンドの注目すべき類似点を指摘した 来自交易员hujianghua的图表,预测和交易观点。从全球最大的交易员和投资者社区获得独特的市场洞察力 TradingView India. Charts, forecasts and trading ideas from trader pranaytrades. Get unique market insights from the largest community of active traders and investors

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  1. Armstrong says that he derived his prediction from The Golden Bull Cycle Ratio, which is a chart created by TradingShot, a group that produces data on TradingView. The chart relies on the Bitcoin bull cycles of the past to predict how long future bull cycles will last
  2. TradingView - A Complete 2021 Beginner's Guide For some cryptocurrency ideas, you could take a look at TradingShot or IgorPorokh. The Best Forex Indicators For Currency Traders - FXCM Markets. Some profiles cover more than one type of trading and some are more specific
  3. Although veteran trader Peter L Brandt predicted a fall to the $20,000 level in his recent analysis, TradingShot (TS) hinted that the recent BTC crash was just a mid-bull correction. The eponymous trader who enjoys significant popularity on charting website TradingView.com compared the bitcoin crash last month with similar drawdowns in 2019 and 2013
  4. BITCOIN This is not the Cycle's top and here - TradingVie
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  6. BITCOIN The day it became fully correlated - TradingVie
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