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Data Science Big data and data-based decisions are among the greatest challenges facing us both today and in the future, given the lightning speed at which data is gathered, the vast quantities in which it is stored, and the constant new ways in which it is linked At the heart of the major study program in Data Science are elective modules in the area of informatics plus a Master's project. Rounding off the program are elective modules drawn from all the areas taught by the Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics, designed to give you a deeper level of knowledge Indeed, Data Science is now widely regarded as the fourth pillar of scientific discovery complementing theoretical, experimental, and computational approaches. The PhD Program in Data Science is aimed at preparing aspiring data science professionals for a successful career in academia or industry UZH Alumni Informatik. Studying Informatics at UZH. Bachelor. Master. Doctorate. PhD Summer Schools. CAS (Certificate of Advanced Studies) Teaching Diploma. Research Groups. Publications. Public IfI Colloquium. UZH Digital Society Initiativ

Learning computational science will allow our students to become professional simulation scientists and data scientists. These profiles are highly desired in academia and industry. By studying here, students can develop new skills as computational scientists in one of the many fundamental sciences studied in the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at UZH CAS in Data Science and Machine Learning. CAS Corporate Finance: CAS Investment Management: CAS Derivatives: CAS FinTech: CAS Leadership und Governance an Hochschulen: Nachdem unsere Fakultät 2013 den ersten MOOC an der UZH lanciert hat,. List of the courses currently offered at the Department of Informatics (excerpt from the Course Catalogue) UZH-Lizenz: Die CAS Web of Science All Databases. UZH-Lizenz: Multidiszisplinäre Datenbank, Current Contents Connect, Data Citation Index, Derwent Innovations Index, KCI-Korean Journal Database, MEDLINE(R), Russian Science Citation Index, SciELO Citation Index, Zoological Record

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CL@UZH on Twitter. 27 Apr 2021, 14:59 Join the 47th NLP Zurich tech shindig 5th May 2021 online. @sebschu CAS Data Science and Machine Learning. Autumn 2021 More information. Centre for Forensic Phonetics and Acoustics (CFPA) Research Groups Text Technology;. CAS Data Science and Machine Learning: Ethische und rechtliche Aspekte, UZH (with Florent Thouvenin) CAS at IfI; ICT and Sustainability (virtual guest lectures at KTH) Fall Semester: Digitalization and Sustainable Development, UZH; Einführung in die Grundlagen der Nachhaltigkeit, UZH (Teil Informations- und Kommunikationstechnologien CAS in Blockchain CAS in Data Science and Machine Learning CAS in Ethnobotanik im Mittelmeerraum CAS in Ethnobotanik und Ethnomedizin CAS in Naturwissenschaftlicher Forensik Zurich R Courses (Introductory and advanced courses Data Science ist eine Disziplin, die angewandte Mathematik, Statistik, Informatik, Ethik umfasst. Der Studieninhalt deckt einen vollständigen Zyklus von der Planung der Datenerfassung über die Beschreibung und Visualisierung von Daten bis hin zu Schlussfolgerungen und Best Practice-Beispielen für maschinelles Lernen und Ethik ab

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Data Science for Psychologists (FS21, UZH, 200d800i) This is the official GitHub repository for the Data Science for Psychologists class. Homeworks: This folder contains instructions about weekly homeworks Executive Master in Arts Administration Executive MBA - Digital Transformation Executive MBA - Internationales Management MAS in European and Chinese Business Management MAS in Finance MAS in Real Estate MAS in Sustainable Finance DAS in Arts Administration DAS in Finance CAS in Arts Administration CAS in Blockchain CAS in Chinese Business Management CAS in Corporate Finance CAS in Data. CL@UZH auf Twitter. 27.04.2021, 14:59 Join the 47th NLP Zurich tech shindig 5th May 2021 online. @sebschu (NYU) will talk about a pragmatic inference prediction with; 02.02.2021, 17:07 Hello all, we'd like to point to the 17th AISV conference (online, 3-4 February) Speaker Individuality in Phonetics and Speech; 08.12.2020, 11:17 Next up in our colloquium: our PhD student @noeminaepli. Wir haben jetzt die Anmeldung für unsere MAS und CAS 2021/2022 Studiengänge eröffnet Journal Database (Zurich Open Repository and Archive) This Journal Database provides information about the copyright and refereed situation of various journals/series and publishers. Atom RSS 1.0 RSS 2.0. Latest Additions View items added to the repository in the past week

21 UZH scientists are among the world's most frequently cited researchers, 14 of whom belong to or are associated with the Faculty of Science. New theoretical insights and space mission data have changed thesperception of the Solar system's largest planets With our Data Science certificate program, you'll gain the theoretical background and technical skill needed to give you a competitive edge in any industry. The C.A.S. in Data Science will teach you to handle data through its full lifecycle: architecting, acquiring, analyzing, and archiving The CAS starts in September 2021 and ends in February 2022 (+ exams in March). Totally you will have approximately 130 lessons (2 modules). Classes are held Friday in the afternoons and Saturday in the mornings

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  1. g to understand the pathogenic mechanisms leading to two major neurodegenerative diseases: amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and.
  2. Scientists are asked to do a lot of teaching and often have no training to ensure their success. The course Teaching Science at University specifically addresses this situation, offering efficient, effective training for scientists
  3. ase. Data Science Tooling, Reproducibility, Machine Learning. Mark McMahon Junior Research Software Engineer. Data Science Tooling, Statistics, Machine Learning
  4. CAS provides authoritative chemistry content, curated by Ph.D. scientists from around the world. CAS content covers all disclosed chemistry and related science from thousands of journals, 63 patent authorities, and reputable Web sources, dissertations, books, conference proceedings, chemical suppliers, and more
  5. CAS is currently seeking a Data Scientist. This position will be located in our headquarters in Columbus, Ohio. Data scientists are passionate about data and applying analytical methods while simultaneously understanding the business context in order to arrive at a solution

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This Network is recognized by the Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office as key partner for the education in laboratory animal science in Switzerland. Since 2014, the University of Zurich and the ETH Zurich agreed on a cooperation in their education activities with regard to education and training courses required for researchers working with experimental animals 2015-2017: CAS Hochschuldidaktik, Universität Zürich. 2012-2014: Participant of the 7th Swiss-German Mentoring Programme of the SNSF, Mentor: Dr. Ch. Imdorf, SNSF Professorship for Educational Sociology, University of Basel, CH. 7/2012: Research visit at Institute for Scientific Analysis, Alameda, CA, USA CAS patent and scientific search services deliver the quality insights you need across your enterprise to accelerate innovation, protect intellectual property, and make confident business decisions The CAS in Blockchain at the University of Zurich looks at these questions and in doing so addresses the topic at a uniquely wide-ranging level: computer scientists, lawyers, economists and financial specialists from the University of Zurich have joined forces to teach participants the technical basics as well as provide them with legal tools and economic knowledge about the applications

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Search for courses in the ETH Zurich course catalogu English language titles and summaries translated by CAS scientists from publications in more than 50 different languages from more than 180 different countries. Searchable details include standardized concept keywords, substances, reactions, and more indexed by scientists and connected to other relevant data within the CAS Content Collection Here are some of our corporate partners we closely work with. These are also companies where our students have done their internship Data Science (2020 - 2022) Policy on Declaration of Major or Minor in Data Science. Students must complete one DS-UA course with a recorded grade of C or better before they can declare the major or minor in data science or the joint major in computer and data science

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CAS in Data Science and Machine Learning. Frühling 2022. Informationsabend: Termin folgt _____ AISV 2021 4-5 February 2021 . Past Events . CAS Big Data and Machine Learning Februar 2020 bis Juni 2020 Informationsabend: November 2019, 18 Uhr, BIN 2.A.10. Therefore, data science and AI made a revolution in the trading sector, starting up the algorithmic trading strategies. Most world exchanges use computers that make decisions based on algorithms and correct strategies taking into account new data

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University of Zurich Institute for Computational Science Studying Courses Current Semeste The Executive Certificate (CAS) in Data Science & Management is a unique program for executives, developed by HEC Lausanne and EPFL. The program combines management and technology perspectives and demystifies Big Data, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Faculty of Science Regulations for the Doctoral Program Data Science Version March 12, 2020 I. General Information 1. These regulations are based on the Ordinance for Obtaining a Doctoral Degree and the Doctoral Program Regulations Part A at MNF. They apply for all PhD students in the Data Science program at the MNF. ! 2 We are happy to read and give you feedback on your data management plan before you submit it to your research funding agency. Either arrange a personal appointment or send us the draft of your DMP directly to data(at)hbz.uzh.ch

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Research data must be carefully managed and - if possible - made publicly available in the sense of Open Data. The main library supports you in handling your data and advises you on how data can be made available in the long term.. Open Access is a strategic goal of the University of Zurich. HBZ supports the implementation of Open Access through infrastructures such as ZORA and HOPE He spent several research stays at Berkeley (Physics Dep.), Seattle (Bioengineering Dept.), Beijing (CAS-IOP) and IBM Almaden. Three years after his Habilitation at the University Zurich in 2007 he was appointed as UZH Titular professor. In 2014 he got promoted to Empa Distinguished Senior Scientist You learned Data Science. Have you ever wondered why it is used in all the industries and how it all started? I have the answer. Today, I came up with the 4 most popular Data Science case studies to explain how data science is being utilized Servan Grüninger Msc Biostatistik UZH / Präsident reatch Tel.: +41 77 468 25 46 servan.grueninger@reatch.ch . Dr. Maike Heimann (SGU ETHZ) Tel.: +41 44 633 89 2 Master of Science UZH in Informatics (RVO16) Major 90. Artificial Intelligence; Data Science; Information Systems; People-Oriented Computin

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This UZH Summer School offers you the chance to develop skills needed to engage in the important fields of Open Data, Research Data Management, and Open Access. Through talks and workshops led by national and international experts, the Summer School will provide you with a deeper understanding of these topics, and give you valuable hands-on experience scientific sources as origin of the data the webpage presents. We do not accept dubious internet sources in laboratory reports. Undoubtedly, Wikipedia is a powerful and easily accessible database of common knowledge. The quality of articles is improving constantly. [7 Data on which a publication is based must be openly accessible. It is the responsibility of the researcher to decide which data must be shared in order to make a study reproducible. Data should be openly accessible at the time of publication at the latest. Data should be stored in a FAIR-compatible repository

East Asian Paleoenvironmental Science Database. LncRNAWiki. Open Spatial Data Sharing Project RADI. Freshwater Algae Culture Collection at the Institute of H... South China Botanical Garden Herbarium. Tetrahymena Functional Genomics Database. Geobiodiversity Database. CEODE(CAS) Online Catalogue System. Database of Human DNA Methylation and Cance The LTK module 1 is registered as BIO412 module in the Faculty of Science of the University of Zurich. The BIO412 course is offered by the Faculty of Science and is only available to Master students in Biomedicine und Master students in Biology of the University of Zurich. The registration procedure is described in the UZH course catalogue This will be the 5th workshop at IEEE Big Data addressing Computational Archival Science (CAS), following on from workshops in 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019. It also builds on three earlier workshops on ' Big Humanities Data ' organized by the same chairs at the 2013-2015 conferences, and more directly on a 2016 symposium held in April 2016 at the University of Maryland

Master of Arts UZH in Wirtschaftswissenschaften (RVO16) Major; Minor; Master of Science UZH ETH in Quantitative Finance (RVO08) Master of Science UZH in Informatik (RVO16) Medizinische Fakultät; Vetsuisse-Fakultät; Philosophische Fakultät; Mathematisch-naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät; Doktorat; Weitere Angebote; Studienwahl. Joint Degree Master of Science UZH ETH in Neural Systems and Computation Master of Science Faculty of Science (90) (2021) Master of Science Faculty of Science (120) (2021 M18E - PostDoc gone - Data gone? Quality assurance in animal experimental research; M-19 Continuing education for animal caretaker of UZH and ETHZ; M-20E Introductory course non rodent species M-21 Detecting pain in laboratory rodents - Do you see what you could see? M-21 Schmerzen erkennen bei Labornagern - Sehen Sie, was Sie sehen. The Center will be hosted by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), which launched a Big Earth Data Science Engineering Project (CASEarth) in 2018 to promote the implementation of the SDGs by utilizing big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, space technology, and network communication technology Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences students with compulsory language acquisition requirements You are enrolled as a Bachelor's or Master's student in the UZH Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and will choose a compulsory language course as part of your study program with compulsory language acquisition requirement

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The CRISPR-Cas system, naturally found in many prokaryotes, is widely used for genome editing. CRISPR arrays in the bacterial genome, derived from the genome of invading viruses, are used to generate a CRISPR RNA that guides the Cas enzyme to destroy repeat viral invaders. Recently, an unexpectedly compact CRISPR-Cas system was identified in huge bacteriophages UZH Course Catalogue - My Schedule My Noted Items Search DE Sprache ändern zu deutsch Help Login. Collapse the first column. Expand the first column

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Die Zentralbibliothek Zürich (ZB) ist die Kantons-, Stadt- und Universitätsbibliothek von Zürich. Mit 6.6 Millionen Objekten (Büchern, Zeitschriften, Handschriften, Mikroformen, Tonträgern usw.) gehört sie zu den grössten Bibliotheken der Schweiz 08.02.2021 New Article: Susceptibility of domain experts to color manipulation indicate a need for design principles in data visualization; 18.01.2021 Swiss Covid App Shows Effect; 18.01.2021 New CAS in Psychology of Work and Health in the Digital World at UZH Gene therapy is a recent break-through therapeutic field that has the potential to cure innate or acquired diseases. The translational research of the group is fully dedicated to the design, pre-clinical development and clinical implementation of gene therapy treatments for rare incurable diseases, with a current focus on inborn errors of the immune system These guidelines govern recognition of prior or external academic achievement for Bachelor's and Master's degree programs at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences in accordance with § 43 ff. of the framework rules governing study in the Bachelor's and Master's degree programs offered by the University of Zurich's Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (of 27 August 2018), § 11 of the. Artificial nucleic acid circuits with precisely controllable dynamic and function have shown great promise in biosensing, but their utility in molecular diagnostics is still restrained by the inability to process genomic DNA directly and moderate sensitivity. To address this limitation, we present a CRISPR-Cas-powered catalytic nucleic acid circuit, namely, CRISPR-Cas-only amplification.

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