How to Install Kodi on Fire TV Stick: The Complete Guide

How to Install Kodi on Fire TV Stick: The Complete Guide

Kodi is an open-source media player that can help you enjoy multimedia content, like free movies or TV shows. It’s available on many devices, including smart TVs, gaming consoles, Apple TV, Windows, and Amazon Fire TV Sticks.

But for all its benefits, it can be challenging to install Kodi on a Fire TV Stick. If you want a step-by-step guide on how to do it, we’ve got you covered. Just read on to learn how to install Kodi on your Fire TV Stick.

Installing Kodi on Fire TV Stick – A Step-by-Step Guide

To install Kodi on your Fire TV Stick, you’ll have to use the free Downloader app, which is available on the Amazon App Store.

If you’re not sure how it works, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Get the free Downloader App. This can help you install third-party on your Fire TV Sticks.
  2. Open your Fire TV Settings screen.
  3. Click on My Fire TV.
  4. From there, open the Developer Options.
  5. Turn ADB Debugging On. This isn’t mandatory, but it will help catch any errors that may come up.
  6. Click on the option to install apps from unknown sources.
  7. Enable the option for the Downloader App.
  8. Launch the Downloader App.
  9. Enter “” in the URL field and press Go. This will begin the download process for the Kodi app.
  10. Once it’s downloaded, press Install.
  11. That’s it, you now have Kodi on your Fire TV Stick!

Installing Kodi on different Fire TV Stick devices

The device we used for this guide is a regular Fire TV Stick. However, this tutorial for how to install Kodi on Fire TV Stick works on all types of Fire TV Sticks, including the Fire TV Stick Lite, Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV Stick 4K Max, and even the Fire TV Cube.

Since all of these devices share an operating system and App Store, you can find the Downloader app and install Kodi on all of them.

Kodi’s Entertainment Options

Why would you go through all this trouble just to install an app on the Fire TV Stick? What makes Kodi so worth it?

In short, learning how to install Kodi on your Fire TV Stick will expand the entertainment options you have on your Fire TV device.

It’s an open-source streaming platform, so you get a lot of entertainment options from third-party apps that you can install through Kodi.

For starters, you get access to streaming platforms like NetflixDisney+, or HBO Max with ease. The same goes for subscription-free platforms like YouTube and Twitch. But you get all of these things on Fire TV Sticks anyway.

So again, why bother with Kodi?

Kodi has tons of add-ons that you can install to watch TV shows and movies for free. Some of these don’t respect copyright laws though, so before installing anything it’s important to understand the legality of piracy in your country.

Different Kodi add-ons will allow you to enjoy a lot more than just viewable media; you can also listen to audio content and even play video games. Once you have the Kodi app, installing add-ons is quite easy.

How do I install add-ons on Kodi?

Kodi has multiple repositories of apps. The easiest (and safest) to use is Kodi’s own repository of apps, available from the main Kodi dashboard. If you’re not sure how to use it to install add-ons, here’s a quick guide:

  1. Click on the add-ons tab on the left:
  2. Choose “Install from repository.
  3. Choose the category of add-ons you want to browse (PVR, Audio, Games, etc.)
  4. Search for the add-on you want. You can find anything from streaming platforms, to Python programming apps.

Kodi is an open-source platform though, which means that there are thousands of other apps you can find. And for some of them, you’ll need to use third-party repositories. SuperRepo is a very popular option for it, but there are plenty more.

These third-party repositories will offer access to plenty of apps that you wouldn’t normally find on Kodi or Fire TV Stick, like DramaGo, SkyNet news, Vevo TV, and hundreds more.

The best part?

When you access Kodi, you have all of these apps in one place! You should be careful when downloading external content, however. Only download from reputable third-party repositories, and make sure you only get trustworthy apps. Otherwise, you run the risk of downloading a virus or even exposing your identity to cybercriminals.

Making the Most of Kodi and Kodi add-ons

To make the most out of Kodi, you’ll want to stay safe, anonymous, and unlock complete libraries through add-ons to access all of the features that it has to offer.

A VPN can help with all of that. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) can change your IP address, while encrypting your traffic. It can even change your server traffic to different countries, allowing you to access content that might be blocked in your region.

For example, let’s say you live in Brazil, but you want to access the US library of Netflix. If you install a VPN on Kodi, and open Netflix while connected to a US server, you’ll get access to more TV shows and movies.

Does all of this seem confusing? Let me help. Here’s how you can install a VPN on Kodi through a Fire TV Stick :

  1. Get a VPN subscription. We recommend ExpressVPN, as it has dedicated servers for streaming content and can easily unblock Netflix.
  2. Navigate to the App Store on your Fire TV Stick.
  3. Search and download the ExpressVPN app.
  4. Log in to the account you signed up with.
  5. Connect to a server from the country you want to appear from. We recommend a US server, as you get access to more content

These steps can work with a lot of VPNs. But ExpressVPN is one of the most reliable options out there. It’s fast, has stable servers, an extensive network (5,000+ servers), and added features for security.

If you don’t like ExpressVPN, or you want cheaper alternatives, check out our roundup of the best VPNs for Kodi.

Kodi on Fire TV Sticks: A Word of Caution

Notice before you read this section: We’re not legal experts and this is not legal advice. It’s just what we’ve discovered researching the topic.

Some platforms crack down on Kodi because it enables piracy. That’s why, for example, it’s not on the App Store for Apple TVs.

Fire TV Sticks are different. In fact, in some regions, you can even find Kodi on Amazon’s Fire TV Stick App Store. That’s because there are legitimate uses for Kodi. It’s not all piracy and torrenting, as you can use Kodi’s add-ons for practical learning or entertainment, as many don’t infringe on copyright usage.

So no, you won’t be breaking any terms of service by installing Kodi on your Fire TV Stick. But you can break the law if you use services that infringe copyright regulations.


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